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Replacement Pads

You will know when it’s time to use a replacement pad for your Xstamper when the impression becomes consistently light. We offer Replacement pads for all types of Xstamper Stamps. Pads deliver 50,000 impressions with standard use. To return the Xstamper to its former glory, simply slide out the worn pad like pulling out a drawer. The Inked replacement pad glides easily into the mechanism and locks into place.

We usually ship these pads within 1 business day.

Please keep in mind that it is very important to use the right refill ink for your stamp. There are many different kinds of ink, and the wrong ink will often ruin your stamp. If you are unsure of which XStamper refill ink cartridge or ink pads best suit your stamping instrument, please reference the refill stamp ink instructions.
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