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Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Absolutely, more than half of all orders come from Commercial, Organizations and Government Agencies.  If requesting to place an Order Via a Purchase Order, please complete and sign our credit application and then fax, mail or email it back to us.  Upon approval, all purchase order require payment on Net 15 terms.

Do you accept order via Fax?

Yes we receive many orders via fax.  Please fax your order to 212-598-4083 and be sure to include your name, shipping information and phone number.  We accept artwork via fax for illustration purposes and to quote a project. not for use as artwork for production.  
Can a seal be created for a logo or other custom artwork?

Yes an impression for an embossing seal can be created for all logs or any type of custom artwork.  Our graphics department can also minimize or expand the size of the image, along with the layout, to create the best possible impression.  We will provide customer a proof of the final product before manufacturing.     

How fast can you product an embossing seal?

We manufacture many types of embossing seals, each with varying degrees of complexity.  As a result, we can not give an exact answer as to turnaround time.  Generally, stock items as well as straight text are ready for shipping within 2 business days where seals with artwork taking longer.  If a product is needed for a specific date or time,  we will commit to completing that item is we know the requirement for the event in advance.  We also have the  to complete Rush Order and can ship Overnight via Fedex or Courier Service if need be.   

What is your Return Policy?

We stand behind the products we manufacture.  If a spelling error is made on our part we will correct the mistake free of charge.  Other than that because seals are custom manufactured, we do not accept returns.  The type of material being embossed upon can damage the seal press we do not guarantee future performance.  Lastly, if a customer approves the proof for a custom seal we will not accept a return or request for a refund after that point.  
This being said, we have been in this business for over a decade and are very proud of our reputation and clientele we serve, and will do everything possible to assist in any way we can to ensure our customers are satisfied.          

Can EmbossingSeal.com Replace a Die?

For Embossing Seals which we manufacture, customers can simply order a new die if they want to change the wording or image on their seal.   Just simply order under the section Die Replacements.  Customers can also order multiple dies for the same seal which is less expensive than ordering multiple seals.  Upon receipt of the new die, simply read the instructions to remove the old die and replace with the new die.  If you are experiencing difficulty, give us a call and our customer service representatives will assist you over the phone.  For antique cast iron embossers, changing a die is more difficult and can not always be done.  Often times we need to see the complete seal press in order to evaluate whether or not the die can be changed.

What are the dimensions for both text and an image impression that a seal can be made?

We can make any impression or text image on a round seal with a diameter of 2 1/4".  For rectangular seals the size can be up to 1" x 2".

How do I submit artwork for a custom seal press?

If you are ordering a seal using our templates simply select a font, stock image and follow the ordering instructions in the check out section.  For Custom artwork or text, send us an email  of a JPG., PDF., TIF. or GIF file to info@embossingseals.com.  

The image must be at least 600 DPI, black and white, no color or shades of gray.  This type of image is also known as camera ready artwork.

It is a common occurrence that customer artwork does not meet this criteria, and there are blotchy, faded or cloudy sections where the image is undefined.  When this happens our art and typesetting department can revamp or give a face-lift to the image so that it conforms to the requirement to make a clean, crisp,  and sharp Embossing Seal.  

We then send you the touched-up image so you can use it for future reference.  The  cost for this service varies based upon time required and is quoted after viewing the original artwork.   

What types of paper does an Embossing Seal perform best with?  

Our embossing seals should be used with 20-30 pound paper stock. Understanding paperweights can be difficult.  The term paperweight, and number corresponding with each weight, refers to the thickness and sturdiness of the paper, not the actual weight of the sheet.  Examples of this range of paper stock include multi purpose paper for use on an office or home computer.  Businesses letterhead, stationery, invitations, envelopes, brochures and presentations.        
Embossingseal.com can customize the embossing capability of the seal to meet the specific requirement of the paper stock.  So it is helpful to let us know in advance the type of paper stock being used in advance so we can calibrate the mechanism to perform optimally.