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Signature Stamp

Signature stamps or Facsimile stamps as they are sometimes called, are a great time saver for the busy professional. Sign things even when you aren't around.

A Signature Stamp makes a perfect impression each and every time. Excellent for those people who must sign their name over and over again.

We offer a variety of Signature Rubber Stamps to choose from.

Ordering Instruction

After selecting the Stamp and Size you want:

Simply sign your name 3 times on a blank white sheet of paper as you would like it to appear on the stamp.

Use a Black or Blue Inked Ball Point Pen.

For a bold signature, sign with a thick pen, for regular, sign with a regular pen.

Mail us your signature on the paper, as we need to scan it to make the stamp.

For faster turnaround, scan the signature yourself and email to us with the signature image saved in 300 DPI or higher resolution

Save the file as a .pdf, jpg, .tif or word file.

Faxed signatures will not be used, because they produce very low resolution scans.

We do not resize signature stamps.

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